30 Minute Guitar Lesson

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$40.00 30 minutes

Take your guitar and music skills to the next level

  • Learn to practice effectively
  • Music Theory
  • Technique
  • Reading
  • Composition
  • Rhythm

18 reviews for 30 Minute Guitar Lesson

  1. Michael Brown

    I have been taking classical guitar lessons from Ross for a little more than two years now and speak highly enough about my experience learning with him. Not only have I learned songs but have learned a lot about music theory and practice methods. He is always encouraging and the lessons are low pressure and fun. Highly recommended!

  2. S Ramirez

    If you want to actually learn music and not just play a few songs on the guitar, Ross is the teacher you need. You can expect to learn a lot about effective practice and music theory and just the joy of making music. Highly recommend.

  3. Aundria Casey

    Ross is an excellent teacher. He is kind and compassionate with both music and to his students. I’ve been with him for bit over a year and am absoulty happy that he is the instructor I chose. If you’re interested in learning to play guitar or in learning music theory I highly recommend Ross.

  4. Kate Faricy

    We were sent to Ross by Tejon Street Music who said he was awesome and that his students adore him. They were right. My 7 year-old son loves taking guitar from him. We tried lessons elsewhere but they paled in comparison to Ross. His patience, passion, and knowledge of guitar and how to teach it set him far apart.

  5. Paul Gilbert

    Ross is very good at providing unique insights on better ways to play guitar. He is flexible and worked with me starting at my current level. I was very impressed with the way he could take off from whatever I was doing and provide valuable lessons. It was also great the way he did a quick video at the end of the lesson covering the highlights and practice ideas.

  6. Leonard Oliver

    Ross is the best music instructor that I have ever dealt with.

  7. Kerri Ryon

    I decided to start playing the guitar when I got into my 50’s so I began searching around for an instructor and contacted Ross and was immediately assured that it was not to late for me to get started. From our first meeting to now (three months) which started with finger and picking exercises, note identification, learning chords and to the theory of music it has all been an awesome learning experience for me and I look forward to each weekly lesson. I enjoy taking Ross’s instructions home for my daily practice time were now I am putting it all together and starting to play some classic rock tunes. I would highly recommend Ross to anybody who is looking to enhance their skills or just take that first step to get started as a beginner.It has been a pleasure learning and getting to know Ross and his style of teaching leaves you wanting more each and every week. Thanks Ross for your professionalism.

  8. Mark Hightower

    Ross stands head and shoulders above other guitar instructors because of his technical expertise (formal education) and contagious passion for music. He teaches not only to play correctly, but teaches you why we do it a certain way. This is important to me. As with any complex skill, just because someone can perform that skill well doesn’t mean they can teach it well. Ross is the exception to this rule, and is outstanding at conveying his expertise. My weekly lesson with Ross is tomorrow, I can’t wait!

  9. Phillip Brady

    Ross knows music inside and out, has a passion for teaching it, and a unique ability to combine that passion and knowledge in a way custom tailored to each student.

  10. quakemouth

    I have taken a few lessons with Ross and I can tell you that he is extremely well versed in his craft. As a beginner, he was more than patient with me as I have a hard time focusing and understanding material. With that being said, he has a way of explaining things so you get that “light bulb” moment. I highly recommend him as a teacher and music mentor.

  11. Audrey Magee

    From my first lesson with Ross I was inspired. He’s passionate and incredibly knowledgeable about what to teach his students. I’m learning how to play the acoustic guitar, which I’ve always wanted to learn, and just over the summer I’ve learned so much more than ever before. I highly recommend him! He takes the time on the details someone else may pass over and he tailors each lesson to whatever you want to learn!!

  12. Ande Taylor

    Ross is an amazing instructor! I have 3 kids who started playing this year and he is so patient with them. Homework doesn’t feel like homework with the fun games he has them do. They pick up their guitars on their own and are actually excited about practicing! I am learning to play as an adult. I was really apprehensive about starting so late but Ross’ constant encouragement makes me feel like I can do anything with practice. Two thumbs up!

  13. Kendall Burks

    Ross is a fantastic instructor and musician. He has the ability to take universal and fundamental musical concepts and apply them in an engaging way to multiple instruments, teaching them to students of all ages with clarity and enthusiasm… give him a try!

  14. Skyie Sounds

    Ross is a stellar individual, musically and personally. This really comes through in his book. It is a quick, simple yet extremely poignant way to learn music theory and get you well on your way to composing your own musics or learning any instrument. I’d like to personally thank Ross for involving me and it is honestly a pleasure whenever we converse. Sincerely, Skiye

  15. Tanner Osborn

    Ross teaches you what you need to know about music theory in an efficient way, so you can attack the guitar with a tenacity backed by knowledge.

  16. Todd Johnson

    I’ve been a student of Ross’s for several months now trying to advance my guitar playing. From day one he’s shown his education and understanding of music theory as well as demonstrated a very professional approach to his teaching methods. I’m more than pleased with what he has helped me achieve so far and I HIGHLY look forward to where my playing is headed with Ross’s instruction and guidance. Every lesson is better than the last, and considering it’s been awesome since day 1 I do believe Ross is the guy that’s gonna get me where I wanna be musically. Just listening to the dude play is awesome so I’m ABSOLUTELY grateful our paths crossed and I have HIM to help me graduate to a more advanced level of playing as well as build confidence in myself to be able to play what, when, how, and for whom I wish! Anyone looking for an intelligent, well versed in music, professional to either get started in playing or, like myself, wish to further their understanding of music and advance thier skills would do well to have Ross as the one to get you there. “If you get confused listen to the music play!” – Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead Todd Johnson

  17. 67crux

    Ross really is a great teacher. I came to him a few months ago because I wanted to learn some guitar theory. I’ve been playing guitar for about 15 years now but my knowledge of the instrument has doubled with just a few lessons. I could always play well but never truly knew what I was playing. Now after a few lessons with Ross everything I already “knew,” makes perfect sense to me. He breaks every lesson down in a way that is very easy to understand. He can teach you many styles of guitar and even a few other instruments as well. This guy really knows his craft I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn music theory, even if guitar isn’t your thing his lesson will be beneficial. Pleasure to be around lots of fun, for all ages. Check this guy out!!! Thanks Ross!

  18. Maire Carmack

    Having prior knowledge of Ross’s classical guitar experience, I recently hired him to accompany me on a voice recital. Unbeknownst to me, the repertoire I had selected had to be fully transcribed to fit the guitar, a project Ross took on voluntarily and completed very quickly. As the nervous vocalist, I made many (too many) rehearsal requests, all of which were greeted with professionalism and enthusiasm, as well as a willingness to reorganize his own schedule when needed. Ross’s playing was impeccable, despite the difficulty of the pieces. Ross far exceeded my already high expectations as an accompanist and his reputation as an instructor precedes him. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a guitarist or guitar instructor in the Colorado Springs area. One of the concert audience members, an internationally renowned guitarist, has asked me repeatedly when I will be inviting the “brilliant” Ross back. Hopefully very soon!

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